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Procon Telematics


Procon is an Internet of Things Platform and develops fleet management applications for the real-time GPS management of all mobile assets. Procon’s applications allow you to manage by exception with bespoke dashboards that are highly intuitive.


Flexible Solutions



All In One

One platform for IoT


Packs a Punch

Enterprise grade


Device Management

M2M Administration


Work Smart

Bespoke Dashboards



Open API’s

Our Partners

API Integration Partners

Our platforms flexibility means we are constantly integrating with best practice applications so you can future proof your technology needs.

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Pool car mobility; shares cars anytime, anywhere


Real-time fatigue management


Fleet maintenance and compliance


Electronic Prestart and fault reporting


Allocate jobs and assets across work sites


Posted local speed limits

Our Technology

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How It Works

A small locator unit is installed in an asset. The unit houses a GPS chip, antenna, SIM card and wireless circuitry. Using the Telstra wireless network, the unit sends data from the asset to our cloud-based platform. Metrics include; GPS coordinates, direction, speed, driving style, current odometer value and other customised information. Customers gain web-based access to this data via our FleetLocate software; a feature rich, intuitive, service that offers advanced mobile asset management and reporting capabilities. Clients can also integrate via our API’s.

Our Technology

We are able to offer flexible solutions as we are an end-to-end IoT ecosystem

  • We select and engineer ‘GPS Locator Units’ to collect the correct data depending on the asset
  • Our IoT platform receives, and processes the data
  • Our applications (Software-as-a-Service) allow you to view your assets and various reports or use our API’s
  • We have a dedicated R&D team
  • National installer network

Connected Cars

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Market Leading Features

FleetLocate is our flagship application, providing cloud-based tools for the management of all mobile assets. FleetLocate doesn’t swamp you with reports to interpret, it analyses the data for you, through your filters to provide actionable business insights, allowing you to manage by exception.



A real-time executive summary of your assets defined by a bespoke performance criteria



Set up email and SMS alerts when key business rules are broken



Understand how your assets are being used in order to make informed decisions


Virtual Perimeters

Create pre-defined boundaries around selected landmarks to know when assets enter and exit a location



Extensive Reports

Access a range of on demand reports or have them remotely sent to your inbox on a recurring basis in csv/xls/pdf


Out of Hours Usage

Receive alerts in real-time on the unauthorised use of your organisations assets to mitigate theft and manage risk


Driver Scoring

Rank drivers based on their driving style by monitoring harsh braking, cornering, speeding and acceleration


Proof of Service

Keep track of deliveries ensuring an audit trail for time spent on site and delivery time


Real-Time Visibility

View your assets in real-time including location and direction so you can locate and assign the closest asset to a job


Maintenance Scheduling

Our system intuitively keeps track of an assets usage (hrs/km’s)


Digital Logbooks

Input an ATO approved purpose of trip while on the move and our software does the rest eliminating multiple logbook entries

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FleetLocate Modules

FleetLocate is a scaleable service that you can build on by adding modules as required, so you only pay for what you need


Driver ID

In-vehicle card reader identifying a driver prior to them commencing a trip. Individual staff cards can be used


Fuel Tax Credits

Through our partnership with Deloitte access potential fuel tax savings via their Fuel Tax Radar product


Fuel Card Monitoring

Our system automatically matches a vehicles location with fuel transaction reports identifying fuel theft


Temperature Monitoring

Monitor the temperature of your cargo and set temperature thresholds for alerts


Satellite Coverage

For assets used outside of Telstra wireless coverage choose from a satellite plan to match your needs


CANbus Engine Management

Real-time monitoring of oil and coolant temperatures, RPM, odometer, engine hours and fuel consumption



Monitor speed breaches within registered speed zones


Mining IVMS

Mining specific driver performance peport. Driver performance reports (harsh braking, acceleration & cornering), crash and roll-over detection alerts and 4WD engaged


Asset Tracking

Monitor trailers and containers domestically and internationally with solar and long life battery options


Lone Worker Protection

In-vehicle and portable duress alarms. Alerts sent directly to your registered emergency response centre


Mobile Asset Monitoring



ATO Approved Digital Logbooks

Our Logbook enables drivers to input trip purpose & notes via smartphones and tablets. This information is paired with other trip data in FleetLocate, to produce digital FBT logbooks in an ATO approved format. Alternatively, drivers can enter trip purpose/notes via an in-vehicle Garmin GPS.

Log Trip Purpose On :


Web App for Smartphones & Tablets


Garmin GPS Navigation

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About Us

Procon Telematics Pty. Ltd.(Procon) is a provider of scalable enterprise grade, Internet of Things (IoT) platforms and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications e.g. Telematics.


Procon is a leading global company focussed on connected car and fleet solutions. Procon has delivered solutions for OEM government and enterprise clients and has channel distribution agreements with major corporates.

Procon is focussed on the development and distribution of IoT solutions for: connected car, fleet, heavy transport and insurance.

Procon develops its own code and is therefore able to work with enterprise to deliver tailored solutions and an excellent software experience. Procon conduct local research and development with core internal development teams based in the USA, India and Australia. Procon has proven to be one of the only platforms globally able to support large asset rollouts and bespoke user defined dashboards on a flexible open platform with accessible API’s.


Our strategy is to be a leader in connected asset management

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Application Software

The Procon enterprise application software is branded “FleetLocate”. Subscribers are able to locate, track, manage, recover and send commands to their assets in real-time, via a secure internet portal.

Scalability, resilience and security are at the forefront of Procons infrastructure design across all components of the system from data acquisition through to real-time display and analytics. Procon ensures that data is stored in compliance with Australian Privacy Laws, on Procon servers, located in Sydney.

FleetLocate is compatible with a range of “In Vehicle Management Units” (IVMU’s) used to collect information on vehicles (and other mobile assets), transmitted over the Telstra network. Some IVMU’s are offered as ‘plug & play’ while other units require installation.

FleetLocate also offers advanced application programming interfaces (API’s) and the flexibility to design your own dashboards so you can manage by exception.


June, 2019

Procon Telematics – FleetLocate Promotional Video

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